Comino Tours

Comino Tours

The island of Comino is one the natural gems of the Maltese islands. Its' unique natural beauty attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year. Most visit Comino to enjoy one of the beautiful beaches the island has to offer.

Visiting Comino

Visiting Comino needs some planning. Comino is an island with no land-based connection to its' sister islands, Malta and Gozo. Also, there are no regular boat ferries, as is the case between Malta and Gozo. This means that one has to book a boat tour with an operator. There are various operators that run such tours on a regular basis. Some operate on a daily basis, especially during the summer months.

Comino Boat Tours

Curious to know more about boat tours to Comino? We will describe what they involve. Comino tours leave from various places in Malta. Common departure locations are St. Paul's Bay and Mellieha. Most of them leave in the morning around 10 am. Being on time is important. You will need to organize yourself to reach the departure point. That said, most operators also offer transport to the departure point at an extra cost. They will have you picked from any location you're staying.
Once you've arrived and on-boarded the boat, its time to start enjoying the experience. Boats hosting such tours have a range of facilities. They have indoor and outdoor spaces. You should expect indoor spaces to be air-conditioned. Outdoor spaces would have areas with deckchairs. The boats would also have toilet facilities and a cafeteria. Cafeterias would have a range of food and drinks. Food and drink aren't included in the ticket price. This means that you would have to pay for whatever you order.

Preparing for a Comino Tour

There is no need to carry a lot of things to a Comino Tour. That said, there are some essentials that one always needs to take with him. The islands of Malta boast a lot of sun. Many seek Malta for it's sunny weather but one has to take some precautions to enjoy it in a safe way. This means that it is important for one to always carry the following. A pair of sunglasses, a hat, some water and sun protection cream. To make the most out of your day, it is also important to take your swimming costume and a towel.
Most Comino boat tours take place during the summer period. That said, if you plan to join one during the rest of the year it is important to carry a jacket as it can get quite cold.

Comino Tours by Hornblower

Once at the Blue Lagoon the boat will moor up to the island of Comino given you the option to chill out on the boat or walk off and explore the island. Those wanting a little sunshine can use the deck chairs on the upper deck others can make use of the shaded seats on the main deck. Be adventurous and try the 10 meter slide straight into the crystal clear turquoise water. The stop in the Blue Lagoon is for 4.5 hours therefore you have ample time to swim and snorkel, make use of the slide and jumping platforms. You can also walk off and do a little exploring on land. There are some amazing views.

If you get hungry there is a cafeteria onboard that serves fresh food and drinks and also the Instagram sensation cocktails in the pineapple.

Whether traveling with your family, friends, partner or alone you will definitely enjoy the day on the Hornblower. 

About Hornblower

Hornblower Cruises is a local and family run business since 1984. Founded by Joseph and Stella Grech. In 2011, Kevin and his wife Katherine, together with their two daughters Chloe and Naomi, took over the business. Now, together with their loyal crew, they are determined to continue to offer a family fun cruise that can be enjoyed by all ages. On the Hornblower you are not just a passenger but a guest. 
We look forward to having you aboard!

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