What to do in Comino?

What to do in Comino?

Comino, the smallest, least populated island of the Maltese archipelago. What is there to do here? With no shops, no restaurants, car-free and apart from one hotel practically uninhabited.

The island of Comino

Blue Lagoon

The main attraction here is simply the Blue Lagoon. A natural swimming pool that attracts swimmers, divers, snorkelers and adventure seekers.

The Blue Lagoon where every picture is Instagrammable. With its turquoise clear water, relatively shallow. It’s a great place to spend a day swimming, snorkeling and simply relaxing on the small sandy beach taking in the scenery and the gorgeous sun rays. The only downside is that it gets very busy in the summer time and your best bet is taking a boat trip there.

Divers Paradise

For the divers the best place on the island of Comino is what the locals call ‘Divers Paradise’. It is situated on the east of the island. Here you will find many small caves and coves above and below sea level. Films such as The Count of Monte Cristo were filmed here.

Crystal Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is not the only beach on the island of Comino. The Crystal Lagoon only an 8 minute walk from the Blue Lagoon is a sheltered bay popular mostly with divers and quite busy with boat traffic during the summer, weekends and holidays especially. Snorkelers also enjoy the area as it features a long well-lit tunnel as well as a mixture of sea grass, boulders and dazzling sandy patches. Although there is no actual beach to enter into the water there is a boat landing with a short step ladder to be able to enter and exit the water.

St. Nicholas Bay

To the right of the Blue Lagoon about a 10 minute walk towards east you will find the small beach of St Nicholas. Here you will also find the only hotel on the island (which at the moment is being rebuilt into a more modern hotel). Unfortunately, due to this, the beach is inaccessible as high gates have been put up around the hotel for safety reasons. To enter the water you would have to either access it by a boat or swim from the neighboring beach of Santa Marija.

Santa Marija Bay

Santa Marija bay, situated further east is the largest beach on the island of Comino. It is where the only church and police station, that hosts only one police office, are located. There is nothing to worry there is not much crime on the island. Although larger than the Blue Lagoon, with a wider area of sand, the water here is quite rocky. Immediately when you enter the water, about one meter in, you will be welcomed by these rocks. This bay is very popular with boat owners who anchor at sea and swim to the beach to play on the sand with their children. There are food kiosks and also kiosks renting out umbrellas and deck chairs. In the peak season you will also find transfers from the Blue Lagoon to Santa Marija Bay and back for a small fee.

Santa Marija Tower

For the explorers visiting the island of Comino you can also visit the Santa Marija Tower.  Known also as the Comino tower, it was built in 1618 to defend the island of Comino. Ships travelling between Malta and Gozo were often attached by Barbary corsairs based on the cliffs and creeks of Comino. The views from here are amazing; with the island of Malta on one side and Gozo on the other, for sure you will be able to get breathtaking shots – definitely Instagram worthy. The tower also opens for the public on certain days. You will know its open as the tower will be flying the Maltese flag.

Santa Marija Tower

Santa Marija Battery

The Santa Marija Battery, which was built in 1715 to protect the South Comino Channel, is one of the three surviving coastal batteries. It was equipped with a 24-pounder and four 6-pounder cannon. This type of coastal battery was built to resist the disembarkation of troops from an enemy fleet. It was fitted with a semi-circular enceinte facing the entrance to the bay. It contained eight embrasures as well as being enclosed by a wall that protected it from a landward attack. It also had a blockhouse to accommodate the garrison and to store ammunition and supplies. 

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