Experience the Difference

The Hornblower, although not the most modern boat, is a spacious 33 meter vessel lovingly designed to help you get the best of your holiday. From the moment you are welcomed onboard by the friendly crew, you know you are in for a great day. Travelling with us, your day can be as active or relaxing as you want it to be. Hornblower Cruises have dedicated over 34 years of experience into designing these trips producing the perfect balance of comfort and style. You are guaranteed that the locations we have chosen for you are as good as it gets. We look forward to sharing it with you. 


 Top Deck

Want to get working on your tan? Then our top deck is the place you want to be. It is also ideal to get away from the crowded beach of the Blue Lagoon. The deck chairs are free of charge and available while the boat is idle. You can move your deck chair around to get the best position under the sun. The top deck is covered in synthetic grass, so you can also lay your towel down comfortably. 

Secluded Bay Area

The Blue Lagoon is the one and only beach in Malta where we have crystal clear turquoise waters. Therefore it is quite popular amongst the tourists and Maltese alike. Having such a small sandy beach it tends to get very crowded and what you thought would be a beautiful relaxing day ends up a struggle to try and get a good place on the beach. That's why with us you do not have this problem. Being in the last mooring position allows our passengers to enjoy the secluded area in the Blue Lagoon away from the masses of people. Jump, snorkel, swim and slide from the boat at this amazing location. 

Main deck

The main deck is fully shaded with some sunny seats in the front of the vessel. This is ideal for families with young children or persons wanting to stay away from the sun. However, we ensure that only 50% of capacity is boarded on a daily basis so this gives the flexibility to move around on the boat with extra seats for everyone on-board. 

The Air-Conditioned Bar/ Cafeteria

The bar/ cafeteria is situated in the lower deck. This is fully air conditioned and is where you will find the free locker facilities should you wish to leave your items locked up while you explore the island. There is also a TV on-board in case you have young children that need to be entertained with some cartoons, or some older men needing to watch their favourite early afternoon football match.